History Hour 13 – “Tourism related Paedophilia: Some Insight” by Dr. Nishtha Desai. Wednesday, 16th March 2005

The status of children is a valuable indicator of the quality of life prevailing in any society. While the impact of globalisation is often considered in terms of its influence on the types of markets created and the development paradigms adopted by a society, it is informative to see its impact on children. This presentation will examine the position of children in Goa with particular reference to the impact of tourism.

Goa has three seasons – the tourist season, the peak season and the off season. With each season comes the entry of certain unwanted guests into Goa. The world first awoke to the problem of tourism related paedophilia with the arrest of Freddy Peats in 1991. Recently, Tehelka highlighted the problem of  tourism related paedophilia in Goa attracting public attention to the issue once again. Since then another tourist season has dawned. The presentation will attempt to examine the modus operandi of  paedophiles in Goa. It will examine the state response to this issue and focus on the steps that are required to prevent the institutionalisation of tourism paedophilia.

Dr. Nishtha Desai holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Goa University. She has been doing research on varied socio-political issues in Goa such as Women’s Perceptions of the Portuguese Civil Code, T. B. Cunha and Nationalism in Goa, and the Western and Indian press reaction to Goa’s problem of tourism related paedophilia. She is presently the Director of Children’s Rights in Goa (CRG), a programme of Vikas Adhyayan Kendra. Dr. Desai is the author of the book See the Evil – Tourism Related Paedophilia in Goa (Mumbai, 2001).

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