History Hour 14 – “Konkani: Myths and Facts” by Dr. Pratap Naik, S.J. – Friday, 15th April 2005.

Every society creates its own myths to defend, justify its own history, language literature, culture, etc. Myth is a “story that originated in ancient times, especially one dealing with ideas or beliefs about the early history of a race, or giving explanations of natural events” (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English, 4th Edition). Creation and propagation of language myths is part of language politics. Konkanis (Konkani speakers) too have created their own myths to explain the origin of their language, the importance of Devanagari script, Konkani literature prior to 1510, the population of Konkanis, Konkani in education, etc.

These myths are used to control and dominate a section of the society. At times they are used to hide or suppress the existing reality of Konkani. These myths must be critically investigated based on empirical evidence to discover the reality. This presentation attempts to explain myths and facts related to Konkani.

Pratap Naik, S. J. is one of the founding members of Thomas Stephens Konkanni Kendr (TSKK), Alto Porvorim, and its Executive Director. He holds M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in linguistics from University of Poona and B.Ed. from University of Bombay. He is a recognised Ph.D. guide for Konkani at Goa University. He has written/edited 15 Konkani books.  He has written lyrics for Hansun  Khellun Gavum-ia audio compact discs (Konkani nursery songs) Vols. 1&2;  Bhakti Sobhann compact discs  (Konkani Devotional Songs) Vols. 1, 2&3.  He regularly contributes research articles to TSKK Research Bulletin “Sod”  and to other Konkani Journals.

Dr. Fr. Pratap Naik S.J.

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