History Hour – 17. “Roadmap for Faster Development and Standardisation of Konkani Language” by Adv. Uday Bhembre – Thursday, 20th October 2005.

Konkani survived the lethal blow in the form of the decree of 1684which sought to eliminate it. It showed tenacity and resilience. The three decades following the liberation of Goa are particularly important. Konkani established itself as an independent literacy language. Doors and gates hitherto closed to it opened up offering new opportunities for development. But the biggest hurdle is the multiplicity of scripts. The way out is to gradually converge on its natural script Devanagari for faster development and standardization.

Adv. Uday Bhembre has been active in the Konkani Movement for the last more than 45 years. He was president of Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Goa; Goa Konkani Akademi and All India Konkani Parishad. At present  the heads Asmitai Pratishthan, a Public charitable Trust, dedicated to the cause of Konkani language, literature and culture. He has published two books, a collection of poems in Konkani and a collection of journalistic writings in Marathi.

P.C. Prudent Media, Goa

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