History Hour 19 – “Socio-Economic Growth of the Goan community Through the Konkani Language” by Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo – Thursday, 15th December 2005.

The Konkani language is written in various scripts in different parts of our country. Goans use Roman and Devanagari scripts for their literacy expressions in that language. The greatest battle Goans, followers of Konkani language, fought and won was during the time of making Konkani language the Official Language of the State of Goa. People fought for Official Status for Konkani Language Act, instead of benefiting, affected adversely the majority of followers of Konkani language in the Goan community, which resulted in denying them social, cultural, economic and psychological benefits.

Thus a division within the Goa society was created, but unity and socio-economic growth of the Goan community can be achieved through Konkani language only by giving equal status to all the scripts of the language.

Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, a retired Headmaster, has actively participated in the Konkani movement since liberation of Goa in 1961. He was the President of All India Konkan Lekhok Sam’melan and Dalgado Konkani Akademi. Presently he is the Managing Trustee of Konkani Sangeet and Nattok Akademi and President of Kala Mogi, Candolim. These institutions are dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Goan culture. He has published 16 books in Konkani so far which include 9 books of Tiatrs, 1 book of Konkani songs, 1 book of Short stories, 1 book of One Act plays, 1 book Mando & Dulpods, (all in Roman script), 2 books of collection of poems, (in Roman and Devanagari scripts) and 1 book of Konkani Tiatrs, (in Devanagari script.) He regularly contributes to Konkani and English periodicals and dailies.

Mr Tomazinho Cardozo
P.C. www.wikipedia.com/tomazinho.cardozo

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