History Hour 22 – “Causes for Existence of Communal Harmony in Goa” by Dr. A. A. Fernandes – Thursday, 4th May 2006.

The causes for the existence of communal harmony in Goa during the latter half of Portuguese Rule as well as its continuance after the liberation of Goa, will be discussed. Factors that have to be considered in evolving guidelines for prevention of communal disharmony in Goa will be examined. How political strengthening of one community induces insecurity in the other community will be discussed.

Dr. A. A. Fernandes has written under the pseudonym Cristao Q’Pensa. He has published a five part article “The Cristaos of Goa and the Indian Republic” in gomantak times during January to April 1993. His unpublished articles are: (1)”Cristaos of Goa – Quo vades?”, (2) “The high Court ban on bull fights: An analysis” and (3) ‘Christianity – Practice or Propagate?”  He has also published “the Bhagwad Gita” in the bulletin of Institute Menezes Braganza in 1991, “The Brahman and the Bhagwad  Gita” and a four part article on Marathi movies and TV serials “Towards empathetic living” in the Navhind Times – under the pseudonym antonio do Rosario. Dr. Fernandes has been the General Secretary of NIO Staff Association as well as the Scientific workers Association, NIO Branch. His full name is Antonio Agnelo do Rosario Fernandes.

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