History Hour 28 – “Multiculturalism and Language” by Ms. Marion Valladares Smith – Thursday, 15th February 2007.

Anybody who has lived and worked for several years in various cities from New York to Paris and Spain, to Bombay and Goa, will agree that face-to-face contact with other cultures is invigorating. Based on this experience the speaker recommends multicultural over mono-cultural. She presents a fresher, broader view of culture through our use of language which can be used to unify our society. Linguistic differences often  lead to conflict but she suggests that supporting local institutions may be and effective way to strengthen our culture.

Marion Valladares Smith is certified by the governments of Spain, France and the US to teach their respective languages. Following her professional experience with these three languages and countries, in addition to India, she then earned a Masters degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in the US in the pedagogical skill of training other professionals to teach a second language. Combining her 30 years of teaching with her advanced training, she now offers seminars and workshops to language teachers in government schools and in programs conducted by NGOs.

Ms. Marion Valadares Smith
P.C. https://www.thebeacon.in/2018/01/30/new-york-states-of-mind-visual-spaces/marion-valladares-smith/

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