History Hour 30 – “Political Process in Goa and Voting Elections” by Dr. Aureliano Fernandes – Thursday, 19th April 2007.

All elected governments in Goa since Liberation, except one, have been coalitions. Their coming to power with narrow majorities shows that citizens are cynical about political parties in Goa. Coupled with low voter turn out, poor leadership, vested interests, dynastic aspirations and narrow agendas of political parties what do the 2007 elections have in store for Goa. How do we as a cynical electorate vote in this election? Do we have any hope of good governance and fulfilment of people’s aspirations? What can be done in the short term and the long term to improve quality of leadership and governance in Goa? These and other issues relating to ‘Political Process in Goa and Voting at Elections’ will be explored during this talk.

Dr. Aureliano Fernandes is Reader & head of the Dept of Political Science, at Goa University. He has been teaching at Goa University for 10 years. With a PhD on Cabinet Government in Goa, he is a keen analyst of evolution of the Political Process in Goa in the context of Post Colonial Politics. Public Administration and Policy Analysis, Administration and Governance in Japan and south Asia and Constitutional studies are his other research and teaching areas. He has published articles in various journals and presented papers at national and international conferences on invitation. Dr. Fernandes is also involved with advocacy and training in Local governance both Urban and Rural and is Hon. Vice President, Indian Institute of Public Administration, Western Regional branch, Goa and Life Member, Indian Political Sciences Association.

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