History Hour 43 – “Opportunities and Challenges for Goans in East Africa” by Prof. Adolfo Mascarenhas held on Wednesday, 30th April 2008.

Our forefathers were pioneers, adventurers and pushed in the interior of East Africa with British Raj. The Goans, like other Asians took a very distinct character. Some of the early groups to move from the continent were indentured labourers but left their greatest mark as traders, service providers and professionals. With independence many of the Asians left. In our globalized world are there new opportunities for Goans to play a critical role in Africa?

Prof. Adolfo Mascarenhas BA Hons. (London) MA PhD (UCLA) Dip Ed, is a Tanzanian Goan. Started his University career as a Teaching Assistant in California. Offered a full time employment in East African Universities– he chose the University of Dar-es-Salaam; shifted to the Bureau and then the founder Director of the Institute of resource Assessment and eventually Director of Postgraduate Studies. He has held various positions in Tanzania and Internationally. Main interest: Development, Environment, Hunger, Urbanization and IK.

Prof. Adolfo Mascarenhas

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