History Hour 44 – “Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme (HERS)” by Mr. Davis Escott held on Friday, 16th May 2008.

HERS is the way ahead for creating a Knowledge hub radiating out from Old Goa. Effective heritage management is more a case of dealing with present day issues, rather than bringing the past back to life. It is a tool for the creation of added value, wealth and wellbeing, and dealing with issues surrounding identity, culture and the socio-economic development of the knowledge society. This is a mission we feel every Goan should fully support.

Mr David Escott is MD, Fantastic Planning Pvt. Ltd. In May 2004 he registered the French company Fantastic EURL as a unit of the Software Technology Parks of India, Ministry of India, in Kashmir, to start the software development on providing content for the Europe initiative. In October 2006 he started interacting with the Government of Goa, through the CM’s office, on Strategic Planning for the socio-economic development of a knowledge economy in the State. With his colleague, Alfonso Roura, who is a historian and trained at the School of Heritage Management in Barcelona, he set up Fantastic Strategic Planning Pvt. Ltd. And has been working since then on a sub plan for Tourism with Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme (HERS) for Old Goa as its centrepiece.

David Escott

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