History Hour 46 – “Human Rights for the European Union and for its Member States” by Prof. Fausto de Quadros held on Monday, 16th February 2009.


  1. The meaning of the Human Rights for the European Union and for its member States
  2. The sources of those Human Rights:   

– the EU Treaties

      – the International law                            

– the national Constitutions of the member States

the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice and the national constitutional courts.

c)      The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

  • The Treaty of Lisbon
  • Human Rights, EU, European Constitution and globalisation

Prof. Fausto de Quadros, born in Goa, is a Portuguese citizen. He is Professor at the Law Faculty, University of Lisbon and at the Law Faculty of the University of Strasburg, France. He is a Legal Adviser of the United Nations, of the European Commission, of the Portuguese Government and of other foreign States and corporations on issues pertaining International Law, European Law and Constitutional Law. He has more than 110 publications to his credit, published in Portugal and other countries. www.fd.ul.pt/docentes/fquadros

Prof Fausto de Quadros
P.C. Universite de Lisboa

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