History Hour 50 – “Casa da Moeda Nova Goa : 175 years” by Dr. Luis Dias held on Thursday, 22nd October 2009.

The Heritage building in Panjim, ‘Casa da Moeda’, functioned as a Mint from 1834 onward. This year is the 175th anniversary of that milestone. Collating information  about it has been a challenge. Dr. Dias has recently made a trip to Lisbon and liaised with ‘Casa da Moeda’ there. In his talk he shares what he has uncovered. Dr. Luis Dias is a physician, musician and history enthusiast. He has recently Relocated to Goa, having lived and worked in the UK for a decade, and is currently pursuing his love of history, music, writing and photography.

Dr. Luis Dias
P.C. Childsplayindia.org

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