History Hour 52 – “Santo Estevão Church: A quarter of a millennium this year” by Dr. Luis Dias held on Wednesday, 9th December 2009.

The heritage church of Santo Estevão is an important component of the Indian Baroque quintet of churches, which have been an influence architecturally on subsequent chapels, churches and homes in Goa. This year is the 250th anniversary of the church (1759-2009) since it was last rebuilt. But it is far older than that, dating back to 1575. This talk encompasses its colourful history, and its valuable heritage.

Dr. Luis Dias is a physician, musician and history enthusiast. He has recently relocated to Goa, having lived and worked in the UK for a decade, and is currently pursuing his love of history, music, writing and photography. The island of Santo Estevão (Jua) is his ancestral village.

Dr. Luis Dias
P.C. childsplayindia.org

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