History Hour 56. “Frédéric Chopin Birth Bicentennial” by Dr. Luis Dias held on Monday, 22nd February 2010.

Dr. Luis Dias presented two short films on the life and work of Frédéric Chopin, preceded by a small talk, on the occasion of Chopin’s birth bicentenary, which was being celebrated the world over by music lovers.

The first film uses a mix of performances, period illustrations, commentary and feature film reconstructions to bring Chopin’s  life, times and music to life.

The second film is an extract from EMI classics archival footage of pianist Samson François playing Chopin’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in E minor, and Waltz no. 11 in G flat major, followed by a rare recording of Alfred Cortot playing Waltz no. (in A flat major.

Dr. Luis Dias has played in several orchestras and chamber ensembles in England and India. Despite the demands of a hectic medical career, he pursued the serious study of music by attending music camps, workshops and lectures all over Europe. He has studied conducting and orchestration with Alan Hazeldine, and violin with Joseph Wolfe. Dr. Dias is currently pursuing his love of music, music appreciation, writing and photography.

Dr. Luis Dias
P.C. childsplayindia.org

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