History Hour 62 – Readings from Goa Masala. ‘An Anthology of Stories by Canadian Goan’ by Mr. Daniel Driscoll held Thursday, 28th October 2010.

Selected stories and memoirs from Goa Masala were read by Dan Driscoll. Efforts are underway to publicize names and Goa-Origin indications for the thirty-three writers contributing to Goa Masala, so that anyone having special interest (by reason of family or neighbourly relationship) concerning any of the contributors may request reading or comment about that specific item. Mr. Driscoll entertained reading requests submitted by note at the beginning of the reading session.

Daniel Driscoll is Canadian born, but resident in Goa since 1986. He married a Goan and when he retired from his professional pursuits (1984), he chose Goa as his permanent retirement home. He is a qualified Teacher on Senior Secondary Level, private and public reading projects have been a natural activity of classroom experience. Driscoll’s professional life included then years of teaching English Literature and History in Canada; a two-year Graduate Degree Course at Syracuse University, New York; and nearly 20 years as Education Liaison Officer for the National  Film Board of Canada.

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