History Hour 64 – “Baptizing the New World: European toponims in the Colonial Americas” by Prof. Angel Delgado held on Monday 22nd November, 2010

Prof Delgado is engaged in a major interdisciplinary research project on toponims (name places) of the colonial Americas, a study that surveys the English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch traditions of giving names to cities, countries, physical geography such as rivers, mountains, gulfs, etc. This is quite an engaging subject that should be of interest to both students and professors of any field. 

Prof Angel Delgado, from Barcelona, obtained his Ph. D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Texas, Austin and then became professor of Literature at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana USA from 1983.  His field of expertise is Spanish Golden Age and European Renaissance literature, and Colonial Studies of the Americas. He is author of two critical editions of texts (Hernan Cortes’ Letters and Bernal Diaz’ History of the Conquest of New Spain, (2009). He retired recently and moved to Barcelona where he continues his research as in independent scholar. He is an Associate Member of GRISO.

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