History Hour 69 – “The Charism of Karuna: Life Story of Sister Karuna Mary Braganza” by Ms. Pearl Drego held on Friday, 18th November 2011.

The Charism of Karuna: Life Story of Sister Karuna Mary Braganza brings you a remarkably vivid picture of the life of one of our most inspiring revolutionaries and leaders in education, Sr. Karuna Mary Braganza, the first Indian Principal of Bombay’s famed Sophia College. It covers the personal and spiritual journey of Sr. Braganza, describing the eco-social environment of her childhood in Bandra, family events, school days, the foundations of her spiritual vocation, college days in St. Xavier’s, formation in RSCJ communities in England and Rome, and her dynamic leadership of Sophia College.

We learn how Sr. Karuna integrated the charism of the Order with reading the signs of the times in post-colonial India. The book describes how she radicalised education in India and Asia, and covers her work of social transformation in the tribal belt of Jharkhand, her stint with water-harvesting in rural Maharashtra, her motivation of government school teachers, and much, much more. The Charism of Karuna: Life Story of Sister Karuna Mary Braganza is a first of its kind, using concepts from the discipline of Transactional Analysis such as life-script, early childhood decisions and Cultural Parent to analyse psychological dynamics, family situations, local scenarios and the expectations of good behaviour placed on women in religious orders. Using the tool of life-story, the book will not only transport you into the life and times of Sr. Mary Braganza, but also provide a real and palpable feel of her geo-spatial contexts.

Dr. Pearl Drego
P.C. itaaworld.org

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