History Hour 74 – “The Thought of Menezes Braganza” by Dr. Sushila Sawant Mendes held on Thursday, 25th April, 2013.

Menezes Braganza’s adulthood witnessed three different forms of government in Portugal, so his response to these constitutional changes is the essence of this talk. As a freethinker, he had views on caste, language, education, press censorship, the church v/s the State, Acto-Colonial etc, which were expressed in newspaper articles in O Heraldo, O Debate, Prakasha and Pradipa. He was a precursor of a new brand of Goan Nationalism and his ideology needs to be incorporated in studies on Indian nationalism.

Dr. Sushila Sawant Mendes is presently Associate Professor and H.O.D. in History at Govt. College, Quepem since 1989. She was Vice-Principal and the Chairperson of the NAAC Steering Committee of the college. She completed her doctorate in history in 2012 from Goa University. Dr. Mendes contributes regularly to seminars and also has publications to her credit.

Dr. Sushila Mendes
P.C. gcq.ac.in

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