History Hour 77 – “Why Music? A fresh perspective on the music in Goa” by Mr Schubert Cotta held on Thursday, 24th October, 2013.

A talk by Schubert Cotta explored the importance of music and the effect of music on the way we do things and the way we are.  It dwelt on the various kinds of music, benefits, uses (and abuses) of music in society.  A fresh perspective on the essential components – creation, interpretation and appreciation – that are required for music to thrive was touched upon. The session raised awareness on the important role of society in music education and the socio-economic scope for development of music in Goa.

Schubert Cotta studied music in Portugal, Spain and Germany, after completing diplomas of LTCL (Teaching) of Trinity College London and LRSM (Guitar Performance) of Royal College of Music in Goa.  He was the founder of the Guitar departments at St. Cecilia Music School and later at Kala Academy Goa (Academia da Musica).  He worked in the Music Industry in Germany for many years before returning to his roots in Goa.  He is the founder member of Guitar Guild Goa and has organized International Music Festivals.  He has been on the Executive Board, Advisory Board and General Council of the Kala Academy.  He teaches guitar and mentors students of other instruments/voice.  He owns the music studio ‘Opus Gala’ at Dona Paula, Goa.  Recently he is conducting courses in Music Appreciation at Colleges and Music Schools.  He is the recipient of the Andres Segovia Award at the International Guitar Festival Calcutta in 2010.

Mr. Schubert Cotta
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