History Hour 81 – “Stories of Seduction Touristic Goa” by Dr. Pamila Gupta held on Monday, 13th January, 2014

This presentation gave an overview of the cosmopolitan tourist scene in Goa today by way of a series of stories or brief “ethnographic” encounters that reveal the numerous ways in which the tourist gaze in Goa is a complex one that cannot be tied down to a singular form of spectatorship. Rather, tourism is contributing to new forms of culture and power operating in Goa today and suggests less a story of totalizing or unified global success but rather one of disquieting interruptions.

Pamila Gupta received MA degrees in (Visual and Cultural) Anthropology from Temple University, and in History from the University of Michigan. She completed her M.Phil and Ph.D in Socio-cultural Anthropology from Columbia University in 2004. Following the completion of her PhD, she took up a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Anthropology at Wits; she then joined the same department as a Lecturer where she held this position for two years. She joined WISER in January 2008 where she is currently based.

Dr. Pamila Gupta
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