History Hour 82 – “Goan and Manglorean Identities – A Shared Heritage” by Mr. Alan Machado held on Tuesday, 21st January, 2014.

Synopsis: This Presentation gave an overview of Goan Christians, who were forcibly co-opted by the Portuguese into their cultural, religious and political orbit in order to stabilize the state. These Goans emigrated in large numbers between 17th -18th c to escape deteriorating conditions. By 1784 the Kanara Christians (50,000) equalled 20% of Goa’s (185,000) Christian population. Tipu, due to the political compunctions of establishing his legitimacy over his saltanat-i- khudadad, enslaved and decimated perhaps 70% of these Christians. The Mangalorean identity arose only in the 20th century as the survivors sought to re-establish the community. Until then most Mangalorean Christians considered themselves as expatriates from the malgado gaon. Perhaps with the dissemination of knowledge of our common heritage, the gap between the Goan and Mangalorean identity can be bridged.

Bio- Note: Mr. Alan Machado, an Engineer by profession, has worked in India, UK and Australia. He has written a history of the Mangalorean community (SARASVATI & CHILDREN), a novel (SHADES WITHIN SHADOWS) and is currently working on a new historical book covering conversions in Goa, migration of Goan Christians to Kanara and their captivity under Tipu Sultan, set within the broader political and historical framework of the period including Tipu’s effort to establish his legitimacy and the Captivity that resulted from it.

Mr. Alan Machado
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