History Hour 84 – “Genealogy: Creating Your Local Identity” by Mr. Werner Egipsy Souza held on Monday, 9th June 2014.

Synopsis: In Goa, one’s identity is defined by one’s kin network more than by individual achievement, and the question “Who are you?” is generally answered by a description of geography and family background. Despite being one of the oldest sciences in history, genealogy is still badly misunderstood, especially with regard to implications. Its relevance goes beyond carving a place for one’s family in the larger historical picture or trying to preserve the past for future generations, but implies creating a medical history plan that would help prevent certain fatal and debilitating illnesses, resolving parentage and heritage issues with respect to geography, and defining genealogies of philosophies, especially pre-colonisation and post-colonisation.

The popularity of genealogy can be gauged by genealogy shows such as “Who do you think you are?” a British show which has attracted more than 6 million viewers and genealogy websites such as Ancestry.com, worth $1.6 billion (Rs.9, 426 Crores).

If the question “Who are you?” is important to you then do not miss this presentation that will explore the online resources available for tracing one’s family history.

Bio-data: Mr. Werner has been involved in the design and delivery of various online and offline systems within industry verticals such as Media, Retail, Automotives, Mobile Technology, Automation and Renewable Energies. These have involved collaborations with various companies and individuals ranging up to 10 vendors and teams of 150. He runs his own firm Brahma Kamal, where he provides services and products in the fields of social media, online presence and computer maintenance.

Besides his dealing with computers and technology, he has worked with local NGOs in the fields of education, suicide prevention, music and dance promotion and helped in organising events related to music, bikes, yoga, etc. He has been extensively quoted in publications on Twitter Power 2.0, local newspapers as well as online publications.

Mr. Werner
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