History Hour 88 – “Buddhism: The Beginnings” by Prof. Amita Kanekar held on Thursday, 12th February, 2015.

The talk was an introduction to the beginnings of Buddhism, including a look at its origins, message, and early impact, and an attempt to place it in its historical context. This talk was based on her biographical novel, ‘A Spoke in the Wheel’ (HarperCollins 2005). 

Amita Kanekar is an architecture historian and writer of historical fiction, who also teaches at the Goa College of Architecture. The second edition of her book ‘A Spoke in the Wheel’ (HarperCollins 2005), a novel about the Buddha and early Buddhism, was recently published by Navayana, Delhi. Her current projects include a book on the Portuguese sea-forts of Goa, a study of Nayaka temples in western Karnataka, as well as a novel set in the Mughal period.

Prof. Amita Kanekar

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