History Hour 91 – “Remembering Lucio on his Birth Centenary”, A tribute by a panel of Dr. Maria Aurora Couto, Prof. Ramola Antao, Prof. Rabin Pinto and Prof. Isabel Santa Rita Vas held on Wednesday, 15th April, 2015.

LUCIO RODGRIGUES was one of the few outstanding Konknni essayists. An authority on Goan folklore he contributed frequently to various periodicals like The Goan Tribune, The Navhind Times, The Illustrated Weekly, The Times of India and Goa Today. He also featured on All India Radio and Radio Goa. He won international acclaim as a student of folklore and was a visiting professor of Folklore at Indiana University, USA in 1969. His essays in English and the English Translation of his Konknni work were posthumously published under the title “Of Soil and Soul and Konkani Folktales”. Interested in the art and craft of writing, he started ‘The Skyline’ as a medium for young writers to express their creative energies and literary abilities.

He was a Professor of English at prestigious colleges like Ruia’s, Siddharth, Sophia, Elphinstone, etc.  He was head of the Department of English Literature at the Dhempe College of Arts & Science, Panaji until his death on August 9, 1973.  He was also a Professor of American Literature at the Centre of Postgraduate Studies and Research (CPIR) at Panaji.

XCHR organized a gathering of the aficionados of this great man to honour him and acknowledge his invaluable contribution to the history and culture of Goa where eminent scholars will speak on his life and work.

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Dr. Maria Aurora Couto
Dr. Isabel Santa Rita Vaz
Prof. Ramola Antao

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