History Hour 98 – Personal Experiences of a Konkani Tiatrist by Wilmix held on Thursday, 21st April, 2016.

“Konkani tiatr”, said to be the biggest theatre-form in India and probably also in Asia, originated in Mumbai.  The story of how it all began has been recorded by quite a few historians, including Wilmix, in his book “100 years of konkani tiatr”. Wilmix will share how since nearly 50 years he has become part of this process and is still involved in developing this Goan art form.  Konkani tiatr is mainly a combination of two art-forms viz. acting and singing, which makes it different from most of the other drama-forms in India. In his presentation Wilmix will stress the need for documenting various aspects of the Konkani tiatr, especially the experiences of a tiatrist.

Wilson Mazarello, whose stage name is “Wilmix” had a B.Sc in Chemistry & Microbiology, a Certificate in Business Management & International Marketing and rose to be Export Manager of an India based Pharmaceutical Company. His love for konkani language & tiatr led him to give up his career to enter professional konkani tiatrs in 1970. In a stage career of 45 years Wilmix has been the most ‘in demand’ duet singer with Sharon Mazarello on “All India Radio” and “Doordarshan”, one of the leading konkani audio-album producers, and also a renowned producer/director of tiatrs. He has acted, done play-back singing and is now involved in producing konkani films, jointly with Sharon. His love for Konkani language has seen him publish two of his popular tiatros  viz. “Durig” and “Sukhti-Bhorti” and a book on the history of tiatr entitled “100 years of Konkani Tiatr” in English. Wilmix is the only Goan to be awarded the Junior and Senior Fellowships by the Govt. of India for research work on Konkani tiatr.

Wilson Mazarello aka Wilmix
P.C. http://wilmixwilsonmazarello.blogspot.com/2010/12/wilmix-on-konkani-tiatr-at-world.html

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