Trailblazers: Some Goan Women Achievers, a book presentation by Dr. Fatima da Silva Gracias

XAVIER CENTRE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH organized the First History Hour for the new academic year 2022-2023, on Thursday, 29th September 2022 at the XCHR Museum. The History Hour was based on the book presentation of “TRAILBLAZERS: Some Goan Women Achievers”, by the author, Dr. Fatima da Silva Gracias. In the History Hour, she presented successful Goan women as contributors and carriers of Goan culture and as to how they have impacted Goan society through their contributions in the sciences, sports, art, politics, culture, education and literary writings. She also said that the women of Goa have been sidelined in the recorded history of Goa. But thanks to education, globalization, legislation, and varied factors, the women of Goa are now being recognized and their contributions appreciated by a wider section of our society.

Dr. Heta Pandit, author, independent researcher and activist who co-founded the Goa Heritage Action Group, was the moderator for the History Hour, to which she did a splendid job of giving her insights and moderating the Q&A session with ease.

The YouTube link (audio recordiing) of this History Hour

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