History Hour

Xavier Centre of Historical Research currently (2006) holds a series of programmes called the History Hour that feature historians and others, talk about fairly contemporary issues of relevance to Goan society. Recent programmes also presented various, if conflicting, viewpoints related to language and script debates in Goa.

XCHR regularly invites speakers to deliver a talk or join in a discussion during its History Hour series. History Hour is “a forum to present facts and views on the history, culture, society of Goa in relation to broader national and international contexts.” XCHR says the History Hour “has become a meeting point for all those interested in Goan history and culture and its impact on present-day questions and challenges.” It is open to all.

Portuguese language courses

The XCHR organizes basic courses in Portuguese. These courses are of short and long duration. The courses aim to provide the required tool for those who have to do research in documentation in the Portuguese language.

The Goa History Quiz Competition

When you hear the excited whispers of youngsters echoing through the corridors and on the lawns of Xavier Centre, when you feel the pin-drop silence in the vast Claude Saldanha hall as three young minds grapple with a puzzling question on Goan history and when you see the sweat dripping from the brows of tense teachers who wish they could communicate the answers to their students through telepathy, you can be sure it’s that time of the year when the Goa History Quiz is being organised at the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Porvorim in collaboration with Sunday Evening Quiz Club.