Seminars and Workshops

XCHR Meetings

The XCHR has been organizing local and national history seminars since 1980 to facilitate an interchange among professional historians and students of history. The XCHR says its aims and objectives include promoting research in history and related disciplines by providing inter-disciplinary methodology, sharing its perspectives where the “voiceless and subalterns find a privileged place”.

The Centre builds “consciousness among the local talent” through lectures, seminars, publications, exhibitions and, of late, through an art museum and audio-visuals; by providing research facilities such as guidance, scholarships, books, documents and language tools; by preserving records and objects of interest related to local history and culture.

Students join a Goa History Quiz at the XCHR, 2011.

These writings and seminars have focussed on themes of religion in Goa, the Church in Goa and Goan history and society, including the freedom struggle. Overall, the focus is on the challenges facing Goa.